The QSkinny UI framework

QSkinny is a UI framework based on the Qt graphic stack and written in C++. It allows users to write their UIs in C++ (and QML).

Why QSkinny?

It’s free. It’s 100% written in C++. Using QML on top is possible (but not used widely yet). Connect data easily, no language barrier. Flexible layouts.

What is it?

QSkinny is written in C++, so its API is similar to QtWidgets. It is based on the modern Qt graphic stack, so its backend is the same as the one QML uses.

It's free!

The QSkinny source code is released under the BSD-3-Clause license.



The IOT dashboard example is part of the QSkinny repository and shows a modern UI composed of advanced elements. You are welcome to use it as a starting point for your own project.

Success story

QSkinny is at the heart of the UI display of an agricultural machine. It has proven to successfully make its way from a research project to a key software component in a mass production vehicle. In the future, the customer is planning to use QSkinny for more big scale UI projects.


QSkinny - A new approach for a QtQuick framework

Qt World Summit 2019, Berlin / Germany

Using the Qt Scene Graph from C++ with QSkinny

Qt Day 2019, Florence / Italy


Feel free to contact us about anything ranging from business inquiry to open source contributions. Also, if you are curious about trying out QSkinny for your next project, you are welcome to drop us a mail!